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Working in a wide range of media from silkscreen printing, papermaking, and sculpture, CC Calloway uses the process of collection and repurposing of ephemera to locate glimpses of emotional honesty in the fast-paced culture of the digital world. A prolific tweeter since age 15, she gains most of her insight through writing. What inspires her most is the character of lost or ignored data. She finds that through personal branding and profile developing that many very real and beautiful moments fall through the cracks; this is where she derives her content. On social media, we are placing thoughts through filters creating a new life for a fleeting moment. In the physical world, we are taking objects and nature, and using them until they go to waste and are forgotten. Her work is the embodiment of waste both virtual and physical, creating intimate images and objects for people to connect with. They are unapologetic and breathing; human experience in 2017 encapsulated.


CC Calloway has a BFA in printmaking and Book Arts from the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia where she was selected to be an Area Scholar for her department. From Augusta, Georgia, she is an Artist’s Row Scholar. She has studied at Penland School of Craft, where she received the Windgate Scholarship. She has written and self-published four books including one photography book entitled My Favorite Word is Nothing. She is currently writing her fifth book, Long Lasting Chew. She has shown work in Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, and Bakersville, North Carolina.